adam becker

Project Manager

Finish & Architectural Steel Fabrication

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Project Manager
Commercial Division
Warehouse & Steel Building Sales

Courtney Porch

General Manager
Residential Division

sherri porch

Interior Design

our leadership team

I am a fifth generation Montanan and have lived and worked in the state all my life. I have a passion for building and I have worked on or been involved with every imaginable project, from bridge construction to working in 50 degree below zero temperatures in Yellowstone National Park.

I have experienced first hand the difficulties and challenges of construction. I have always taken an innovative, positive, and a "value engineering" approach to all my projects. My experience is diverse and I have encountered most of the challenges that surface during the building process.

With thirty years of experience in designing and building successful projects, I have developed the skills needed to assure your project is also a success.

My staff and I have decades of experience and longevity in the Flathead and Montana. I want my children, as the sixth generation Montanans, to experience the beauty of the area as well as enjoy the fruits of its growth. It is with this goal in mind that R Porch Construction will bring quality, originality, safety and innovation to all of our projects.